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Salam and a very good morning.Have a wonderful day and stay blessed! http://t.co/aeF7erarqs



I’ll be live in my show #newsone at 8.05

I’ll be live in my show #newsone at 8.05


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  • Mrs Faraz { I ve seen you programs you really raise bold topics I don't know if these two topics I want you to look at them are important or not 1.i was making my kids watching the movies of Prophets on net as we have read Qassas ul Ambiya so we have the knowledge but their what they have shown in that movie of Hazrat Moosa and Hazrat Ebrahim is totally wrong they took Hazrat Ishaq fo sacrifice instead Hazrat Ismail in the movie of Hazrat Mosa all the mojzaat were shown by Hazrat Haroon he performed all the mojzaat and there is no sign of Samri in that movie instead the bachra (calf) is made by Hazrat Haroon who himself was a Prophet these fake stories are changing the believes of people the people who are not aware of truth will start following the wrong path please raise this topic I ll be highly obliged. 2.I want to know why people are injecting hatred amongst Muslim especially Pakistan and Saudi Arabia I ve seen many blogs where small topics are raised and most of the Pakistanis abuse Saudi for no reason my personal experience with Saudis is vey good they are... } – Jun 08, 9:56 AM
  • Muhammad Yousuf { 1. A declaration by the Political Government showing resolve that indulgence or patronizing of corruption by the political ruling elite (parliamentarians of ruling and opposition parties all inclusive) will not be tolerated and will be punished as per law. 2. As a first step all political leaders to distance from government related projects like IPPs. 3. A constitutional amendment to implement Capital punishment for indulgence in corruption (Cutting of hands and feet as well as death penalty). } – Jun 05, 10:31 AM
  • Arshad Qayyum { AoA Dr Sahib, I am living in Saudi Arabia. I watch your program on daily basis. I would like to draw your attention about Indian PM plan to visit Israne. I am sure his purpose to visit there is just to create hurdles for Pakistan and create more terrorism in Pakistan.He wants to invite IS in Pakistan which seems like under control of Israel. It is very clear now that India is good friend of Iran and Israel. In your daily programs, please highlight about India's intentions to create terrorism in Pakistan through IS and TTP and TT Afghanistan. Everything is being supported by India against Pakistan. Many Thanks Arshad } – Jun 04, 1:30 AM
  • mian asif { sir ap ne aik jaga btaya ha k Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) ne aik bache ko dajjal samajh lia tha jub k dosri jaga ap ne btaya hai k dajjal ko emaan wale pehchan lein gy is point ki samajh nae aye plz tasheeh farma dein } – Jun 03, 4:57 AM
  • RASHID QADEER { Dr Sahib I am your big fan and always follow you } – Jun 01, 3:38 PM
  • Fawad khan { Dr Shahid Masood vry good job and i appreciate your research,you have collect alot of knowledge and present it in a very good way....i am with you if you need my help i will be the first... } – Jun 01, 3:23 AM
  • Abdul Rehman Siddiqie { Assalaam u Aalaekum, Dr Sahab in Logoo se zara ye appeal tou kar dain jin ko Musalmano main dehshat pehla kar islam ki taraf raghib karn ka Khabt hea, Jo khud ko Mujahid, Hizbullah, Taliban kehelwane main fakher mehsoos kartay hain k agar tum mian zara bhi Islami Hamiyat aur ghairat hae to bajae is ke k Pakistan main Bum Dhamake aur attack krao BARMA main ja kar wahan k mazloom musalmano ko Budh Mat k dehshat gardoo k khilaf mutahid karo aur un Barmi Musalmano k liae Jihad karo jinki na Ezzat Mehfooz hae na Ghar o Jan. } – Jun 01, 2:15 AM
  • noaman { f you analyse ISIL you maybe found black water/Xe/retired army officers/ commandos/ Jewish scholars/Afghani/Iraqis/ but I don't know exactly what is right or wrong } – May 28, 4:20 PM
  • noaman { Jewish scholars its not true } – May 28, 4:11 PM
  • M Tahir { Salam, Following is just my perception, how i think about it. The two rivers during the fitna of dajjal are i guess the carbohydrates (Pespsi,coca-cola etc) and the mineral water these days, both have well famed and available even in Jungles and both are affecting the health of consumers and there are very few who avoid them. Secondly, when the Christians fight for the help of Arabs and after wining Christians will say its a win of holy cross, and a muslim will stand up against him, I guess that was Osama, he was the only Arab who stood against Christians and Americans and his action lead a new war against Muslims. } – May 28, 11:38 AM
  • Kashif Amin { Assalam o alikum jinab admin ap se guzarish ha k ap log pakistan embassy ki jo dunya bher mai han us per b aik report karey wah per aisy aisy frad or corruption ho rahi ha k ap k housh hi uer jay gy mai is waqat malaysia mai hun or yah per embassy k log embassy k ander canteen chala rhy han or logo ko zalil ker rahy han dunya mai kahn aisa hota ha k kisi countery ki embassy mai canteen ho or b kafi problem han koi sahb jo news se ho wo apna number dy mai us ko phon kar k batata hun baqi story b....thx ....kashif amin....malaysia } – May 26, 9:19 PM
  • daud { miss ayesha i think you need to grow up now.am not supporting any religious sort of thing its just like truth is truth.you need to leave loreal maybeline and kryolan because you are buying the product to let them support their financials so they can spread war every where non other than jews but they all are not bad.sorry if you do mind but it would be your fault if you do mind cus am not wrong. } – May 26, 1:03 AM
  • Fahad Mansoor { Kindly put a list of all your programs from start of your career till date and their link on web. } – May 24, 7:02 PM
  • ali minhas { Sir tried a lot to contact you but i got no response, I just want to know is there any book of you on End of Time:The Lost Chapters and yes then where can i get original book ....? } – May 24, 1:24 AM
  • Rumpypumpy { Dear Dr Masood You accuse RAw etc all the time Can you recall iis meddling in Kashmir killing tens of thousands Can you remember Dawood being sheltered in pak When the shoe is on the other foot, it bites eh! } – May 22, 11:38 AM
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