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Any questions for Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed sb?

Any questions for Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed sb?


Salam and Good Morning.Have a wonderful Day and st…

Salam and Good Morning.Have a wonderful Day and stay blessed! http://t.co/K2T6CICcKt



Unmarked grave of late King Abdullah! http://t.co/…

Unmarked grave of late King Abdullah! http://t.co/EifnYewuzN



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  • Naseem { Dr. sahab, You are considered a well informed and unbiased intellectual, but during the past 6 months you have constantly worked hard to damage that image of yours. By acting as a spokes person for Imran Khan, you have disappointed so many of your fans who always thought you are unbiased and think for the country rather than personalities. May I ask you why you have interviewed Shaikh Rasheed, Gen. Rtd. Hameed Gul and Tahirul Qadri several times after 14th Aug '14, but never talked to Javed Hashmi or any of the ruling party's spokespersons. Prior to the dharnas, you used to tell us the present government is better than PPP as they are not making any major financial scams. Now you seem to be telling us they are worse than PPP...!! Your recent trend to use the phrase 'darogh br gardan-e-raavi' to present speculations as news is a good example of how you are spreading rumors. Let me remind you that you are the 'raavi' for the viewers and any lie that is presented on your show will be considered a lie told by you as we are not aware of the actual 'raavi'. Further, please consider the saying... } – Jan 22, 4:22 PM
  • Dr. Siraj Jalali { Enemies of islam do not have to attack muslim countries, just publish a cartoon and they will destroy themselves. If muslims start working extra hard, clean their cities, do more volunteer work, spend time and money on hospitals schools, and orphonages instead of self destroying marches and speeches and traffic blocking and soiling their cities the cartoons will stop rightaway. Start following prophet (pbuh) more if a cartoon is published, guaranteed they will stop publishing it. It's no brainer. But leaders are idiots, they do business and politics and have no leadership skills.To destroy muslims it takes 10 minutes of effort, and muslims will destroy themselves.  Thanks,  Siraj Jalali USA. } – Jan 22, 4:47 AM
  • haris { Sir A very imprt issue needs media attention a crises in happening like oil plz do program on http://tribune.com.pk/story/821952/gas-supply-row-al-tuwairqi-plans-to-shift-steel-plant-to-saudi-arabia/ … but media is sleeping apkisatn is currently impkrting steel and government is getting loan and selling assets to get dollar reserve and this company is giving 10% equity stake to government and prominsing 1.2 billion $ in next year but over coorrupt governmetn is not giving them subsidy on gas pakistan give 1 triilion of interest on loans why cant it give subsidy on gas ......our governemnt can afford 45 per unit cost nandi pur power plant , trillions of loans and interest payment on it but cant afford to give sibssidy on gas even after getting 1.2 biilion $ in fdi , thousands of job creation and import subsituion of steel please do prgram on it and ask pml n policing maker before they packup there plant ....comapny has already announce packup last month } – Jan 20, 5:26 PM
  • Muhammad Jamil { Dear Shahid Masood Sahb, We respect you with deep heart. Allh bless you aameen Regards Muhammad Jamil } – Jan 20, 8:35 AM
  • Shahid habib { You are a brave journalist. Allah safe Pakistan to theses bloody politions. Dr. Sahib carry on your battle. May Allah will give u success. Love u sir. } – Jan 17, 8:40 PM
  • Bilal { Salam ! Just a humble request to Dr Shahid Masood. Agreed with your advice to Imran Khan on your program of 14th January'15 but the best idea would be if you kindly give him the same advice face to face (only you two). He is the only hope in the political arena in the country and yes sometime people may expect too much from him. Therefore, he should visit and meet every single family of the Peshawar incident. He may have to face harsh comments but this will not only go a long way to benefit him in the future but also would be of some comfort to the parents. In addition, if people loose hope in him as well, then there would be only chaos & bloodshed. Kind regards Bilal Dogar } – Jan 15, 6:32 PM
  • Syeda Khan { When I saw him golden shirwani beside his bride dressed in a fancy gown posing in front if media.....I thought about these mothers right a way. I visited Pakistan for vacation in December and on this very unfortunate day I was in Peshawar. It was qayamat..... There was no eye which was dry. Hearts were ripped apart. The rest of my stay in Pakistan was not the same. I came back with a heavy heart. I was Rehams college mate and have known her from high school. My grief was deepened when I saw IK and her giving special interview to Mubashir. They were in a different mode... They had no idea what they had done.... They were talking about how their wedding happened and all that stuff that would be very attractive if it was a normal situation...... I thought may be some of Rehams class fellows lost thei sons! How would they feel about this gesture that they are celebrating shadi! Now they r saying that these protestors were planted! Big bullshit! We all should now pray to Allah to forgive us as a nation because the tears and cries of these berieved mothers is reaching the arsh!... } – Jan 15, 6:02 AM
  • Syed Numair { Respected sir, I used to watch your show live with Dr shahid masood on news one everyday. one of the most influencing factor of your show, was your analysis on Pakistan politics, however I believe your show momentum is shifted from excellent analysis of the Pakistan politics to favoritism of Imran Khan (PTI), it is my humble feedback to you sir, Please have another anchor on the show, who is eligible to ask you technical politics questions and you answer those to not only create awareness among us new young generation but also to provide us with excellent knowledge which would educate our minds. God Bless you sir Kind regards Syed Numair } – Jan 09, 5:50 PM
  • Saif Khalid { Asalamu Alaykium, My name is Saif Khalid , I am currently resided with my family in New York. I have visited the Pakistani embassy a few times and at every visit encounter some sort of hardship from the Pakistani Consulate (Embassy). Few months back, I went to Pakistani Embassy to renew my cousins Pakistani passport in New York consulate. At the embassy we spoke to the Pakistani embassy officials stating we have lost the Pakistani passport and also provided a genuine police report. But our issue is not resolved. Background info: Nader Gabol ( Son of Nabil Gabol) also director of Passport Department. 1. My cousin has a birth certificate and Nadra card. 2. At the embassy, before our interview Nader Gabol was speaking to a lady (65+ Age) and spoke to her very rudely and saying harsh things. When the lady's son came in to talk for the mother. Nader Gabol asked him to shutup, because he is speaking to his mother. 3. When our interview came, Nader Gabol said we cannot provide a passport. There is nothing we can do. You can go to Pakistan and apply for Visa there. We told Nader that my cousin cannot return... } – Jan 08, 6:46 AM
  • Adnan { well said Dr Sab, Its not a big deal to change the Sacred "Aaeen" } – Jan 05, 7:20 PM
  • Dr. Adil Khalil { January 3rd, 2015. Janab Dr. Shahid Masood Sahib, Recently I saw you describing the Lal Masjid interview you took days before the operation. This was in context with the recent carnage of innocent kids in Peshawar. In the show you were drawing parallels between Masjid Zarrar & Lal Masjid. You also showed some clips of your interview with Maulana Ghazi. At no point during your talk did you mention the fact that the price of this operation was not just Ghazi Sahib, but also a good number of innocent children, who were also our children & innocent just like the children massacred in Peshawar were our children & were innocent too. What you carefully didn't mention was this very fact & I was saddened & shocked to see that it was the same Dr. Shahid Masood who had written a moving article in Jang ( I think) just after the Lal Masjid operation in which you narrated the story of a eight year old girl you met at Lal Masjid right after you took interviews over there & while you were on your way to Ghazi Sahib's house for lunch. When I read you article I ended up in uncontrollable... } – Jan 04, 7:58 AM