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Hidden Truth

Dr. Shahid Masood is widely respected for his views on the politics of the sub continent and is a popular figure among the Muslim community. He vividly relates the signs of the end of time, making us realize how very close we may have come to the Day of Judgement.”

Hidden Truth, End of Time by Dr Shahid Masood.

It tells about the Qayamat “The Dooms Day” or “Judgement Day”. It also tells about the Mehdi and different concepts about him. Dr Shahid Masood has analyticaly presented the concepts of Dajjal or Anti Christ or the Masiha of Jews according to Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

“How will the world end? – is a question that human beings have pondered over since time immemorial.

Islam sheds considerable insight into this issue and Dr Shahid Masood has succeeded in making this information far more accessible. This DVD boasts a collection of talk-shows which were originally aired on the channel ARY Digital and opened up an interesting debate on this issue.

Talking about his programme with MCBDirect, Dr. Shahid Masood said that he felt that there was a pressing need for a Muslim exposition on the end of time:

It’s a political and religious debate that I have initiated with this program. We all know that a number of books are available which portray the Jewish and Christian perspectives. I have endeavored to give a compilation of facts and signs prophesised by the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

  1. Respected Sir,

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  2. please post hd vdeos od hidden truth



    Actually i don’t want to point this issue publicly but i concerned…

    Please give my message to a great Leader of present era Imran Khan that please sit when you drink water (liquid) and use right hand according to Islam. Because we follow your foot steps.

    I am not criticizing and doubting on his Imaan. If you ask why i follow Imran than i will say just because of his believing and because of his love with Islam.
    Please after taking my view delete this post.


    Your Regular Listner

    Muhammad Kashif
    Computer Operator
    HEC, H-9, Islamabad

    1. Assalam-0-alikum Kashif,

      You are right. But according to Ahadees (SAAW), drinking water while sitting is not compulsory, it can be drunk while standing, but with right hand is important.

      Muhammad Farooqi

  4. Dear Dr.Shahid Masood, while watching on 08 Dec.2014, your comments were justified about pti but talking to Sheikh Rasheed and asking to talk to Imran Khan, you were using Imran which was a negative spot. Nawaz Shareef/Nisar Ali Khan and many were friends of Imran Khan but never call him Imran they always call him Imran Khan. Even Pervez Musharraf,Gen.Hameed Gul, Zaid Hamid, Hassan Nisar many others and his opponents call him Imran Khan, I advise you to watch your show and decide if you still have (zameer), when you say Imran. If you are doing this intentionally, so no comments, he will loose nothing. It is same eg.Javed Chaudhry gives examples of Alexander, Ch.Justice of Mansour Khalifa etc and very angry for corrupt leaders/ system, but when Allah gave us a man like Imran Khan to get rid of these all, his comments/show contradict with his intro. Your host Zara Ansari is very polite and mannerful person. She talks softly and even asking for a brake as she requesting you. Not aggressive like others saying by force take a break and cut the sentence/ talks in half. I only can pray that May Allah Guide you as well as us.

  5. Assalamo alykum
    I hope and pray that you will be in the best of your health. A little thought to share with you, if islam is complete code of life, why we are not following it like a system and why we don’t even dare to discuss it. If khilafat or shura system is given to us why not try it? If SOOD is war against Almighty and its messenger S.A.W.W..things like this ask political leaders questions on this pattern because under constitution of Pakistan Sovereignty belongs to ALLAH alone and we are to follow injunctions of Holy Quran and SUNNAH of MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W.

  6. Dear Dr.
    i wish you could again telecast the end of time, it makes very deep effects in the minds of humans. May be it helps us to build us.

  7. I want the DVD, Where can I get It. ?


  8. Asalam u Alikum

    From last couple of years i was thinking to help Pakistan some how Imran Khan was a hope but since his speech in Lahore…….

    I am talking here some like many others from many sources ……..

    Dr Shahid was the name that came in my mind, who does give some Importance to Islam also along with politics

    What i want to made a think tank that can give feedback to any one …………….

  9. Asslam-u- alaikum dear. This is my first written E-mail to any media person. I have seen many of your programmes. Would you like to suggest me some books of politics. Please if you take a spare time for me you please send me some names of books. If you reply me i will give you many informations to you related to your programmes . I have seen your all previuos shows, like Meray Mutabik, from different channels ,and Now shahid Nama.I am very dipressed person but want to do some thing for the betterment of Pakistani people And particularly for Pakistan. I will wait just your answer. i am hope full for your reply.

  10. It will be noticed that the popular desire being aired globally for a democratic dispensation, particularly since the advent of the 21st century, requires an adjustment of our vision of political/governmental reorganization in the light of human history. As you are aware, democracy, which evolved in Polytheism/enlightenment (Adam Weishaupt, the first utopian to think on the global scale, looked forward to the day his group, the Illuminiati would bring about the Novus Ordo Seclorum, sometimes called the New World Order), has had five goals, namely,

    (a) Abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments,
    (b) Abolition of private property and inheritances,
    (c) Abolition of patriotism and nationalism,
    (d) Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, and the establishment
    of communal education of children,
    (e) Abolition of all religion.

    As the foregoing goals were also the basic requirement for establishing World Government/Global Village, the efforts made towards this end resulted, after the fall of secularism, followed by that of capitalism, in the WAR of TERROR.

    Because, however, such goals are incompatible with, also negate, the do’s and don’ts prescribed by the Almighty, the governing codes/constitutions in Muslim countries entail constant revision/amendment tailored, most of the time, for the benefit of an elite ruling class. Nevertheless, such frequent tinkering with the basic document not only renders it impracticable and redundant but also promotes weak, but despotic and dictatorial, governments. Since, however, a dictatorship ignores public input for throughput and, instead, forces the public, by unfair means for throughput, the result is an undocumented economy which covers up the output corruption and unfair distribution of national resources, the kind of phenomenon evident in most Muslim countries. It need not be said, at this stage, that a Multi party system is in conflict with the Quranic Edict. [al-emran 103].

    The need of the time, therefore, is to move forward for evolving/introducing such style of good governance as has the potential to achieve peace and prosperity nationally and as well as internationally.


  11. please let me know which channel and what programe dr shahid masood do thanks

  12. Sir there are ppl who are misusing this documentary but show bit and pieces of it on youtube
    kindly file DMCA against those so that such videos can be removed.


  13. Can some one tell me what program Dr. Shahid is doing now a days it is been a long ago i did not heard him

    1. He comes on Express news nowadays dear and His programme name is Shahid nama.Thanks

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  15. Salam,

    Where can i find all the videos for The Hidden Truth? Unfortunately, i’m not in Pakistan, and cannot get the DVDs.


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  28. wait ania mehmood dr. shahid masood is not only 1 person who changed channels.talat changed, asma shirazi, jasmeen changed,mubashir luqman changed.when u don’t no anything about anyone so please dont blame any one

  29. is there a place i can download the entire series???

  30. i think u too same as well as pakistani politians bcoz u leave many many. . . . . . . Channls. . . .. Why.

  31. Hidden Truth was your best creation. I have watched it many times, whenever i go to Pakistan i bring DVDs of End of Time for my friends and colleagues. wish you Good Luck Dr Shaihd.

  32. Aslamo Alikum

    Dr Shahid, i am a research student in UK and mostly have eyes on Pakistan political environment. I have noticed 2 major elements in Democracy in Pakistan as (1) Western democracy and Islamic idealism have contradiction can’t stay together in same society, (2) Any kind democracy or system can’t be successful until we leave hypocrisy for example in current government partners blame larger party for every king mismanagement though they are part of same government, i think the person who does crime and the person who does support both are guilty and should be punished.
    I would like you to have a program with the Topic “Islam and Democracy” or “Hypocrisy”
    The 2 points which i have mentioned above on your request i can provide a detail on it.

  33. All the best Dr Shahid. I hope you continue raising your voice bravely to defeat status quo forces in Pakistan. Keep asking challenging questions from ruling class and do not give up. The only wish is that you continue working for anti status quo forces rather than becoming part of status quo later as you keep rising to the top.

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