Hidden Truth

Dr. Shahid Masood is widely respected for his views on the politics of the sub continent and is a popular figure among the Muslim community. He vividly relates the signs of the end of time, making us realize how very close we may have come to the Day of Judgement.”

Hidden Truth, End of Time by Dr Shahid Masood.

It tells about the Qayamat “The Dooms Day” or “Judgement Day”. It also tells about the Mehdi and different concepts about him. Dr Shahid Masood has analyticaly presented the concepts of Dajjal or Anti Christ or the Masiha of Jews according to Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

“How will the world end? – is a question that human beings have pondered over since time immemorial.

Islam sheds considerable insight into this issue and Dr Shahid Masood has succeeded in making this information far more accessible. This DVD boasts a collection of talk-shows which were originally aired on the channel ARY Digital and opened up an interesting debate on this issue.

Talking about his programme with MCBDirect, Dr. Shahid Masood said that he felt that there was a pressing need for a Muslim exposition on the end of time:

It’s a political and religious debate that I have initiated with this program. We all know that a number of books are available which portray the Jewish and Christian perspectives. I have endeavored to give a compilation of facts and signs prophesised by the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

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