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A New Documentary Series by Dr. Shahid Masood

One “M”down! http://t.co/9SOYpXU4xy

One “M”down! http://t.co/9SOYpXU4xy



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2nd cup

2nd cup


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  • Syed Sitwat Hussain { Dear Sir, Zardari Used to operate two knives to abused and accused right from chief justice judicially army and Bureaucracy against his opponents by one Syes Faisal Raza Abbidi and two Zulfiqar Mirza.Now he is using Rao Anwar SSP as a sword to subverts his important knife Dr Zulfiqar Mirza,this is the end of Zardari's Political life for using the blood of Murtaza Bhutto,his own wife Benazir Bhutoo who gave him a name of identity and now he wants to murder his own son Bilwal Bhutto Zardari to achieve the public Sympahties to again come into power to finally plunder the country. Syed Sitwat Hussain Advocate } – May 05, 8:06 PM
  • abc { Dr. Shahid: Your show regarding "end of time" is full of myths, inaccurate and totally useless program. } – May 04, 10:45 AM
  • syed asif imam { Plz check provincial assembly of sindh,specially in new building,appointment & promotion.there are to much corruption & now rebuild MPA's Hostel.Ex-Speaker & Secratary also involed @ there. } – May 04, 3:23 AM
  • Game Perang { Is your any other TV series on End of Times coming out? The predictions of the first part seem to be correct. } – May 03, 1:17 PM
  • Amir Gabool { Dr.Shahid, I am surprised to see your 30 April program on SSP Malir Mr.Rao Anwar's disclosure of dirty games - Mr.Shaheen Shehbai clearly said this is criminal people caught and came in front of tv and announced they did it. But you as a Foreign Agent or anti Pakistan tried to saying that where is Sind govt, or Zardai or so, while they trained by RAW Indian enemy - Sattar Farooq etc whos' leader is in London 2004 speech in India. Still you think you are sitting on a right place - please leave media and go to them or to India. where is Army !!!! } – May 03, 12:55 PM
  • Naveed { Govt reduced CNG prices but Karachi Transporters, rickshaws and taxis have not reduced fares, you can do something for poor people by reporting it on media. } – Apr 28, 2:05 PM
  • Haroon Amin { Dr Sahib I am your big fan and always follow you, but here I have to criticize you for being careless about respect of Holy Personalities, I have remind you about a Hadis of Holy Prophet which says You will do exactly what bani Israel do, and I have to tell you one of the sins Bani Israel do is that they present holy personalities in there Paintings, Idols, and in current age, in their movies and as Just said in Hadis, you are following their sinfull, shamefull act, by showing their movie clips in your programme, and also in the promotional video, picture of Khana Khaaba is shown with Back Ground Music. Please avoid this, your show still look good to your fans } – Apr 27, 3:33 PM
  • shehbaz { please upload these videos in HIGH quality as your knowledge may spread across the planet , but please upload them here so people could watch these episodes which they missed. cause on other websites the uploaders play with video quality , miss match pieces of information from last episodes,. fuse up the videos and advertise their website names in the middle of videos . that almost ruin up the sequence and knoweledge/ reserch of DR shahid masood. Best work keep it up!! Regards & thanks } – Apr 27, 1:47 PM
  • Mohammad Ali Malik { Aslaam-o-Alekum Sir, I am not writing this message as a comment and would not want it to be posted on any website. I just like to thank you for the great service you are doing to the Muslim Ummah for producing this great show called End of Time last decade and for now introducing 'The lost chapters.' I would like to discuss Aakhiruz-zaman in detail with you as it is an intriguing topic for me and is something I have been personally studying in detail for the last few years. Kindly provide me your email address so I can further share my knowledge and ideas as I am in complete agreement with your knowledge and highly admire it. Please email me at ali.malik1979@gmail.com Sincerely, M. Ali Malik. } – Apr 26, 10:12 PM
  • GILANI { Dr sahab assalm walikum Dr sahab aap rozana 8 baja jin mamlat ki nishandahi kartay hun kiya aap ko ya baat maloom nahi ha ka yaha teen laval hun 1st leval walay sub aak hun jin logon ka hissab karana jahtay ho oun ka yaha kabhi hisaab nahi hoga hisaab ki stah sirf street kay logon ka hota ha kuch din baad har party walla apni safaiy karnay ka liy kuch logon ko pash karta ha aour clean chit lakar apny kamo may lag jata ha abhi abhi zardari sahab paani ka masla lakar madan ma aagay hun jasay aaj hi inko paanai ka baray ma batya ha Dr sahab hisab lany waly hisaab dany waly sub aak hun aap awam ko kuny bhrosa daray hun ka kuch hooga sub ka hissab hoga kiya ya baat aap ko maloom nahi kay jub tak wadara systam khatab nahi hoga aour sub ko paal nay wally khatum nahi hongay jub tak kissi ka kuch nahi hona pl aap ya baat bata day to acha ho ga awam ko kissi aas ma na rakh pl pl. } – Apr 26, 8:08 PM
  • Habib ur Rahman { Dear Sir I purchased File in Park View scheme. of PTI lahore chief Alem Khan Since 1&half years nothing is done.look fraud plz hlp Please tell me the way to approach Allem Khan or Imran? } – Apr 25, 4:36 AM
  • Amjad Hussain { Great program and interview with Dr Zulfikar Mirza - very revealing! On the 5 richest & corrupt which he mentioned, I might add the following: Anver Majeed - the crook and friend of AZ, has been involved in National Bank loan frauds, Sugar Mills, Power Plant Scam, Karachi CAA land scam, just to name a few (just type his name in google) - he has made billions, which he has laundered through his cousin, Imran Rashid Khan, in Lloyds Bank, Geneva (UK Govt owned bank) where he is employed since 6 years, obviously for secrecy basis. I have raised this issue with several Uk govt. officials. } – Apr 24, 12:22 PM
  • Kamal Chobdar { Even a lay man can understand - the resignation of Nabil Gabol was a set up to create vacant 246 seat so that PTI could take part in the elections and win after the so called some created and some other adverse problems of MQM. The proudness and boasting of PTI has led them to meet the stunning defeat. The PTI leadership and the PTI workers are not the " holy cows ". Maybe Imran Khan could be a good man but he is not humble. Humility brings respect in this world. The credibility PTI enjoyed during the past two years is to the brink of collapse. } – Apr 24, 7:56 AM
  • Ryan { in above comment - spelling/brevity/lack of grammar courtesy iPad. } – Apr 22, 7:50 PM
  • Ryan { Hi Dr. Masood- I was your yesterdays program and you covered few things, I am a Geo Political observer and work in this arena. My quick analysis and Food for thought- (Please don't consider as biased opinion - No love lost with Pakistan) 1- China recently stated they are going to revisit policy on non-interference in other's internal affairs. 2 - China wants to share and stair geo-political space in Afghanistan 3.- ventures in Pakistan and cover complete heart-line top to bottom - which will imply now Pakistan's domestic policy making will be in control of China "PLA".. 4- Investment in Pakistan means first step towards making Pakistan its protectorate if not its colony. Considering Pakistan is not having many options right now by getting close to China eventually China will have final say in how Pakistan should function . Need your preservative on this. _ I want to discuss more on agreement and economic impacts - sample : Pakistan will implant few coal energy plants with help of China - right now Pakistan imports ~8000 MT of coal every year and if it increase will this economy be able to sustain this construction + maintenance and additional coal procurement... } – Apr 22, 7:44 PM
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